What You Need To Ask From Your Wedding Caterer

The best way to begin your planning is to know where your wedding will be. Once you have settled that then it is time to pay attention to your wedding catering service. Caterers will usually give you a recommendation or proposal as to your wedding menu and the pricing. Most companies do this routinely and can give you a proposal without a moment’s notice. The usual pricing is on a per head basis or depending on your particular requests since most caterers fairly give extra services for free. It is always wise and practical to get as many quotes as you can for comparison. To help you choose the best wedding catering service company, many expert planners and organizers recommend a few tips to ask and find out about your prospective caterer.

First on your list should be to check any reviews or ratings received by your catering company. This will give you an idea of how they operate as well as the quality of their food. Look into the license and insurance of the company. This will ensure that they conform to regulations especially on food safety. Your food may be exceptional but if this gives you a stomach ache later, this is disastrous! Scan through their brochures or catalogs to check if their food presentation and decoration befits your particular requirements. This is especially important if you have a particular theme for your wedding feast.

Once you have performed the preliminary investigation, set an appointment with the caterer. Choosing a wedding catering service is only the first crucial step in having the reception of your dreams. You need to sit down with them and have a plan or a checklist to make sure that everything will run smoothly. A timeline of events particularly the arrival time of the guests, the maximum time needed for setting up, the number of hours that the event will run, the packing up and cleaning.  If you are having difficulty choosing your venue, most caterers will be able to make several recommendations. Their line of business usually allows them to establish close ties with most venue owners and they could actually give you a good deal. Just make sure to visit the place so that you can make a detailed plan of the arrangement you want for your reception.

Check  with your caterer the materials that they will be using like the china, glassware and linen. Inquire if the food will be prepared right on the venue or delivered. Some caterers usually use an off-site kitchen especially if the food desired by the couple will not do well during the transport. This is a very important question that the couple or organizer should ask so that they can always expect a quality food. Most caterers do know their food and will make sure of the best preparation to make. Another important question is to ask them their policy on leftover food. Many couples want to take these home and it is not inappropriate to ask about it.

Know also the attire that the food servers will wear. This may not complement your theme so it is better to make sure. A black-tie event will require a formal attire to complete a good presentation. Your food servers are important and you need to pay attention to them. Ask your caterer if tipping is also necessary or welcomed. It will not hurt to tip a server with impeccable performance.

To cover all your queries, have a copy of their contract so that you will be guided accordingly. Find out their policy on cancellation as well as the deadline for submission of your final head counts. We all know that no matter how thorough your planning is, you might neglect one or a few persons in the invitation. Just be sure that you will not have too little of the food nor will it be a good idea to have more especially if you are working on a tight budget. It is better to have more rather than less for such an occasion like a wedding. Going through all these things might be a little overwhelming for you, but having a good wedding caterer can make the process a little easier with their expertise and training especially when it comes to weddings.

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